Devices and Applications

We have fabricated a range of devices using the nanotube grown in our lab.

Carbon Nanotube Electron Guns for Nanolithography (EC project NANOLITH)

We have deposited vertically aligned carbon nanotubes directly inside gate apertures of microcathodes in collaboration with Thales Research and Technology. A voltage is applied between the gate and emitter electrodes and electrons are field emitted from the gun. These electrons can then be focused and used as a beam for nanolithography. Typical turn on voltage is 15V and operating voltage is 40V.

These are the 'finished product' - 10x10mm silicon wafers containing the circuit and the emitting area containing the electron guns are in the 1mm diameter circle in the center of the chips. 

Carbon Nanotube Electron Guns for Displays (EC project TAKOFF)

Vertically aligned multiwalled nanotubes can also be deposited directly inside the gate apertures fabricated on glass plates for use in field emission displays.

Carbon Nanotube Cathodes for Microwave Amplifiers (EC project CANVAD)

Designable (in terms of diameter, height and spacing) arrays of nanotubes are used as the electron source/cathode of vacuum microwave amplifiers.

Carbon Nanotube Based Electronics (EPSRC project CBE)


The aim here is to fabricate single wall nanotubes directly between pillars or contacts and then put on further electrodes to form transistor / logic arrays.

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