Expertise of the CNT@Cambridge Team 

Our expertise is in the growth of carbon nanotubes directly on substrates using chemical vapour deposition or plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition.  We can produce different morphologies of multiwall and single wall nanotubes as seen below.

Non-aligned multiwalled nanotubes 

Non aligned multiwalled nanotubes are inert, conductive and have extremely high surface areas. Typical uses are as electrodes for capacitors, batteries, and electrochemical reactions.

Vertically aligned multiwalled nanotubes 

Vertically aligned multiwalled nanotubes are conductive, high aspect ratio structures and thus are investigated as field emission electron sources in parallel electron beam lithography, amplifiers, switches and displays.

Curly single wall nanotubes 

Straight single wall nanotubes 

The straightness of these single wall nanotubes (SWNT) is an indication of their good crystallinity and hence are being investigated as interconnects, channels of transistors and spin transport.

Deposition Systems 

Email here for more info on depositon systems and capabilities.

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