Based at the Cambridge University Engineering Department, we are developing carbon nanotube technology  (both multiwall and single wall) for a variety of applications which include electron guns, displays, vacuum and solid state electronic applications. Our work is focussed on Si wafer-scale or glass compatible, direct growth of carbon nanotubes. Our work also extends to semiconducting nanowires.

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15 Mar 2011

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Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) are a unique class of carbon material with special properties such as high strength, conductivity... At the CNT@Cambridge lab, we specialise in the production of high quality multiwall and single wall nanotubes... Devices such as electron guns for lithography, displays and amplifiers have been fabricated and tested...
Stunning logos from precision grown nanotubes are fabricated on request - see the collection here...  Free your mind and enjoy these amazing micro and nanostructures... These are the people who make it all happen! Gehan is holding a 4" Si wafer with CNT coating.
NW@Cambridge (Nanowires at Cambridge) For more detailed information, see our published papers on Carbon Nanotubes... Press releases on our work!
Movies from our latest work.  We are located on Trumpington Street, Cambridge UK. Find out how to visit us here. Just a bunch of photos from conferences and social events.
Click here to book equipment online.  Training videos brought to you by the team! Log into the Carbon Nanotube Forum for news on equipment, chat, recipes, devices and advice.

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